Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

Who we are?
ARmixer app is a product of Arfortech – company specialising in Augmented Reality. Our team of experts provide a solution that brings more content to life to engage your customers and helps your team work better and efficiently. The company goal is to make augmented reality products available for everyone, especially for small businesses and enterprises.
What is augmented reality?
Augmented reality has become a very popular technology nowadays with many implementation areas and use cases. It is the future of communication between clients and brands or inside the company. This technology allows to display any digital information like: videos, pictures, links on the top of real world objects with set markers like: bar codes, qr codes, logos, pictures or any common symbols.
Why use augmented reality?
Augmented reality is the chance for earth-friendly advertising and marketing. AR can benefit your business. This solution is for companies that want to be innovative, stand out on the market, and improve work in their organization. AR allows at low cost to create launch campaigns, add extra content to your product reducing waste at the same time by choosing already printed materials or everyday objects.

General info

What does the ARmixer application do?
ARmixer is a multifunction application and can be used for many purposes, in general it serves to animate physical world with elements of virtual reality eg. websites, videos, pictures, social media.
Why is ARmixer better than any similar apps on the market?
Because you need only an application to create content. Every part of your work is created inside the app. It means you don’t need access to an extra platform or web-based AR creation tool. ARmixer is quick and easy to use for everyone without coding skills.
What are the system requirements for the ARmixer App?
There are no system requirements. The one thing you need is a smartphone or tablet with internet connection. Application is available for IOS and Android.
Where and how can I use the ARmixer app?
There are no restrictions in case of application use. You are limited only by your creativity. The application can be used for business, promotional and advertising purposes to build relationships with clients and employees. For everyday users, the application can facilitate their daily activities, e.g. quick help, instruction in case of technical problems with home devices. Armixer can also be an application that makes your relationships and virtual conversations more attractive.
What content can I share in the app?
The User is entitled to add materials and content which she/ he is the author of or to which she/he has the consent of an authorized person. Content added by Users should relate to topics in connection with which they are posted. It's not allowed to share content that is offensive, false or illegal.
Can the Operator block my content?
In the case of publication by the User of illegal materials (pornographic, criminal, etc.), these contents will be automatically blocked without the possibility of launching a complaint procedure. Materials that may constitute evidence of a crime will be secured and handed over to the appropriate authorities.
What can I achieve with the ARmixer app in business?
The ARmixer app can bring a lot of financial and environmental benefits to your business. This application builds relationships and gives immersive experience and support to your customers and employees . You can save your time, money and our planet due to minimizing all printed materials.
How to use the application?
The use of the application involves 4 easy steps: 1. Download the app from Google Play Store or App Store and install it 2. Sett Marker - select a picture, icon, text or anything you like to make a marker 3. Add Content - associate your video, audio, photo, location, url or other content with the marker 4. Share a link to the Creation with your family, friends, coworkers or clients.

ARmixer app terms

Who is the Creator?
The use of the application is possible by registered and unregistered Users. The variety of functions for unregistered Users is limited to viewing some content added by other Users. It does’t include adding your own content or accessing the blog. The Creator user must be registered.
Who is the Viewer?
Viewer receives the materials shared by the Creator (who publishes them) and can read them. Viewer doesn’t pay for the app and doesn’t have to be registered in.
What is the AR Marker?
Marker is an image or object for example: text in a manual, photo in a leaflet, logo on a label, a sign on a device or QR code. It can be any common symbol/mark that everyone has. To marker we attach our creation.
What is the AR Creation?
The creation is our extra content we attach to marker. This extra content can be everything you want, like: audio, video or photo gallery recordings.
What are the types of effects in the creation?
The types of effects are: audio, video recordings, single photo or photo gallery, link to any website or youtube video.
What does private creation mean?
We have two types of unpublic creation: private and private but can be shared with others. First one can't be shared with anyone. It means you can’t share it with anyone other than yourself Second one, private but can be shared with others, is not published for everyone. It cannot be found by name / nick / context code, but it can be made available to another user (also anonymous) via link / QR code.
What does public creation mean?
Public creation means that content you have created is available for every application user after scanning the marker. The public creation is available for playback by everyone, including anonymous users, listed in the application and can be searched for by name / nickname / contextual code.
How to share the created content?
You publish the AR creation, based on the generated link, directly in the application, via e-mail or social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or messengers: SMS, MMS.
How long my creation/ campaign will be live for?
The creation is available as long as the user wants it. You can save it or delete it anytime you want.
How to find the existing marker and hidden under its creation?
Receive a message from the creator or look for a tag on the product. It can also be a part of play & fun when you can randomly check common logos, QR codes or bare-codes to discover extra content.
Where to store the recorded material that I want to attach to the marker?
You can use your own servers to store the creations or use the space shared on our servers, in accordance with the purchase plan.

Payment related queries

How much does the ARmixer app cost?
You can download the application for free and use it for free. You can also try the FREEMIUM model, which is good for beginners and as a test option. But as a creator, check out our pricing plans based on disk space and content of markers.
What payment methods do you accept?
Payment methods depend on available payment options in the App Store or Google Play Store.
Is the subscription automatically renewed?
Not. The subscription does not renew automatically. You buy access to the application in the form of a plan of your choice, which automatically determines the time of the application use.
Can I cancel the paid subscription?
No. The subscription is purchased for a specified period of time. After this time, it is not extended and will automatically expire.
What is your refund policy?
Payment obligations are non - cancelable and fees paid are non - refundable.


How can I log in to the application?
After downloading, you create your own account with login and password or you can log with your Google or Facebook account. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password. You can create your unique nickname if not automatically will be your email address. We verify your account through email.
Where is my data stored?
Login data (e-mail, nickname and password) are stored on the server in an encrypted form.
Is my data safe?
Yes your data is safe. We have implemented the latest security measures. But remember that the safety and security of your information also depends on you. Any transmission of Personal Information is at your own risk. We are not responsible for circumvention of any privacy settings or security measures contained on the Application.
What type of support does ARmixer include?
The support depends on your subscription plan. You can always count on us with technical issues. All notifications should be submitted to the Operator to the following e-mail address: