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Experience reality in a more engaging way

The app is all-in-one tool to produce interactive experiences, which create significant value for both consumers and businesses.

About the App

The ARmixer application is an augmented reality tool which enables businesses to advertise and promote by creating breathtaking experience.

It’s more than a QR code scanner!  With the ARmixer you can add extra content to your printed materials like books, advertising brochures, menus, business cards, labels, leaflets or everyday objects like washing machine, cooker, other devices. The app is ready to use in a second. You don’t need to learn coding or programming. Create & share – all you need in one tool. Available for IOS and Android.

Augmented reality app for everyone!

ARmixer is budget-friendly app with multiple variety of uses.

Business & Professionals

Communicate like no others did before! Give the best support to your customers. Save money and our planet because you will minimize all printed materials.

Customers & Viewers

Scan label, QR code or barcode for handy tutorials e.g. how to use home devices, properly apply favourite cosmetics or how to cook the yummy meal from the picture.

Team & Employees

Leave important messages or work steps as an attachment to the products. You can share the knowladge and value your time with the app.

Create, view & share!

Are you ready to discover what is undiscovered in a new reality? See how simple and intuitive is making AR creations with your smartphone:

Showcase time!

Browse resources to learn all the ways you can get more out of the ARmixer App.

Download App

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This is what you need!

Grab a smartphone and turn your products into a digital discovery channel.

Pricing Policy

Choose pricing plan that suits you best and enjoy the ARmixer


  • Commercial use: no
  • Number of creations: unlimited
  • Content of markers:
  • image
  • text
  • audio
  • video
  • gallery
  • link
  • geolocation
  • branding - company logo
  • branding - website
  • Technologies: Android/ iOS
  • Customer Support: basic
  • Materials hosting
  • 60 MB Disk Space
  • Adds: yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Check the most common questions about augmented reality and app functionalities.

What is AR technology?
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How does the application work?
Everything you need to know about the application: how to use it and why ARmixer is better than other apps here
What are the app functionalities?
Find out who is the Creator and what the Marker does. Learn how to create content in the ARmixer app here
How to choose a subscription?
How much does the app cost and what is the optimal plan for you? Everything about paid cooperation models here
IIs my data safe?
Learn the rules of logging in and data security in the application, or get technical support here

Our latest news and updates

We try to make your work easier by showing you case studies from our partners and realized AR campaigns. Check out the recently updated work and learn more about the application.

ARmixer - mobile augmented reality system

under The European Regional Development Fund, Operational Program Eastern Poland, Action 1.1 Starting platforms for new ideas Submeasure 1.1.2 Development of startups in Eastern Poland under contract no. POPW.01.01.02-18-0001/20-00


The aim of the project is to introduce a global product innovation to the market in the form of a mobile application for creating and playing augmented reality.

As part of the project, a product with global innovation will be created, dedicated to creating and playing Augmented Reality (AR). Its uniqueness lies in the introduction of a new method of augmented reality production, i.e. attaching it to printed materials, physical everyday objects and equipment without the need to properly prepare them. In unlike all known solutions that require the placement of the AR markers yet in the production phase, our solution will “augment” existing materials / items.

Total project value: PLN 1,207,524.60

Co-financing amount: PLN 992,417.50