What is augmented reality and how does it work?

If you have no idea what augmented reality is and why it unlocks a new dimension to brands, retailers and customers in the e-commerce world, you must read this! 

You will get to know why you should adopt this technology immediately. And not because it is just a trend…

AR makes your life easier

Augmented Reality is something that more and more users are taking advantage of. It’s worth seeing what this technology can be useful for. In short it is a combination of real world and virtual reality. It can be described as a combination of the world around us recorded by the camera of a phone or tablet with digital content – graphics, 3D animations.

Thanks to Augmented Reality (AR) you can easily express yourself in a unique way. You can adopt it in your everydayโ€™s life as well as in business and recreation. By mixing physical objects and the real world with digital content (image, audio, text) – you can make your message more meaningful and attractive to your recipient. Including a vacation video in a printed photo or a postcard, you can make an extraordinary surprise for your friends.

AR changes your lifestyle and business

So far AR has been mainly used in medicine, laboratories and education.

The popularization of AR in marketing is currently gaining momentum due to the increasing digitization of business. Printed promotional materials that companies issue –  folders, leaflets, brochures are usually small in size, so the content is limited. The materials usually generate high expenses for companies, as they quickly become outdated. This problem can easily be solved by AR technology. All the frequently changing information like prices, periodical promotions can be often updated by exchanging them to the general content of the printed materials.

 This way AR will help businesses to reduce the marketing expenses substantially.  Above all, digital content is more attractive to the recipient and it allows you to better present a business offer to a potential customer, e.g. a presentation on how to personalize a program of your washing machine. AR technology nowadays can be very intuitive and simple to use and at the same time give a range of benefits and savings.


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