How to increase customer engagement using augmented reality?

Customer engagement – this is the keyword in marketing in 2022. Why? Because engagement builds experience, and experience is what nowadays customers are looking for. Experiential Marketing is an effective way for brands to create unique and memorable customer relationships. It is customer-oriented, satisfying the desire to entertain, educate, stimulate and challenge.

We’ve noticed the trend that people all over the world are more aware of their needs and decide what content they want to consume. To avoid any advertisements, they more often buy premium access on websites such as Spotify or Youtube and paid subscriptions in the channels that interest them. They opt out of following brands on social media to avoid being overloaded with advertising and even install ad blockers. Globally, 43% of users admit it. They only engage in what brings them new experiences. Hence the popularity of webinars or free e-books (experiencing education), access to exclusive content (experience of elitism), or the popularity of tools that stimulate interactions, such as Snapchat, where users are crazy about AR effects.

How does augmented reality affect the user experience?

Augmented reality allows for engaging interactions with the brand, where the customer can not only be the recipient of the brand’s content but also create it. Therefore, it is an innovative experience for them. What speaks in favor of using the possibilities of AR is the lack of the need to invest in technology. Everything is on the side of the service provider. The only thing that the recipient and the creator need is an application installed on their smartphone. Straight from it you can both: play the shared creations and actively participate in creating augmented reality.

The huge game- changer on the market is the appearance of applications like ARmixer, which is the world’s first AR creator. What does it mean? That the application has all the functions supporting the creation of augmented reality content that was previously only available only from the computer. The cost of this solution is relatively low and the technology can be affordable for everyone. Especially since there are over 5 billion smartphone users around the world. So it would be a big loss not to take advantage of such a market.

How to engage an audience using AR technology?

The possibilities are endless. But most of all brands through AR:

  • can educate customers about their products and services
  • make marketing materials and products more attractive
  • support sales processes directly in the application
  • can support the processes of adaptation of new employees and transferring knowledge to them

Moreover, according to the conducted research, AR significantly improves the customers’ opinion about the brand. This is because AR technology has no place for junk content or flashy ads. The creator delivers high-quality messages, and the recipients participate emotionally in it. As a result, the brand becomes better remembered. And it is not some secret knowledge. Current market research shows that 68% of marketing leaders say that their company is becoming more and more competitive precisely based on customer experiences. So the conclusions about using AR in marketing activities are obvious.

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